Monday, March 31, 2014

A Case of "The Mondays": What are you focusing on?

You get them. You probably have them right now. You know them. You hate them. It's the Mondays. 
I just got back from a beautiful vacation-completely unintentional brag-so days still don't mean anything to me right now. I've been on a kick of waking up and doing whatever I've felt like for weeks-even if that meant doing nothing but laying in a hammock for hours-that's the place I've been in. I woke up today back in New York City, in an apartment-not on a beach in Thailand, on a Monday. For the first time in a long time, I felt this need of having to get to work or having to do something. It drove me a little crazy in my waking moments. In the spirit of solidarity for all my people struggling with the Monday's out there, this brief entry from my journal gave me a little breather. It made me stop and ask myself, "what's absolutely perfect about this moment right now?" Feels way better than "'s Monday." What are you focusing on? What have you been potentially missing out on because of how narrow your focus may be? Think about it. Share. Let me know your thoughts.